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Simply Garlic is located in beautiful Huntsville Utah. Started in 2012, it is owned and operated by Blake and Whitney Buhrley, the proud parents of two young daughters, Adeline and Brillion. The Buhrleys approach farming and parenting similarly, planting, nurturing, and caring for each garlic bulb with tender loving care.

Having recently completed a degree in Agriculture at Utah State University, Blake has felt a strong affinity for farming since his youth. At age 14 Blake became ill and had to undergo a series of surgeries which caused him to miss his entire 9th grade year of school. Between surgeries his parents often took him to spend time at his grandfather’s dairy farm where he found healing, peace and solace.

After the surgeries, Blake and his dad engaged in various work projects on the farm which Blake found to be both stimulating as well as therapeutic. By the time he turned 16, Blake felt deep impressions he should seek for ways to involve himself and his future family in farming. Since that time he has worked on several large conventional farms, and currently is employed at the Utah State University Experimental farm. He also has spent time learning from two organic farmers in Cache Valley.

For two years (ages 19 through 21) Blake lived in the Islands of Hawaii helping families strengthen their relationship with each other and helping them to live healthier lifestyles. This experience strengthened and reaffirmed his earlier impressions about the positive impact that farming can have on family life as it can help address family challenges such as failure to spend time together, lack of communication, selfishness, and lethargy.

Simply stated, we hope that your family enjoys using Simply Garlic as much as our family enjoys growing it!


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